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Free sex video datin melayu live

Lets see what conspiracies they now hatch in their minds to defend RPK whose theories they once latched onto willingly to use as ammunition against their government.

By applying that logic of his arguments and elitism of his for legitimacy RPK, PKR and the Malaysian Bar had emasculated other potential quality and credible opposition in the land. The NGO’s bought into the argument through the exclusivity of their single cause unrepresentative politics ring fencing RPK and the Malaysian Bar in the process. RPK has always been a state of mind lurking conveniently behind that questionable royal pedigree, the convenient link to his faith of Islam and the unseen hand of a racist anti Malay coalition underwritten by the Sinocentric DAP.

John’s Cathedral in Kuala Lumpur whilst at the same time wilfully exploiting the great chasm created by RPK , the PKR, the Raja’s blog, Malaysia Today, and other commentaries feeding his staple of lies and distortions of life in Malaysia have some soul searching of their own to do.

as Paul Keating would have preferred to call them, unelected and disruptive have all been a willing part of that web of deceit RPK so cleverly exploited and wove into the fabric of his patchwork of opposition politics.

flaunted his royal credentials, a nobility by birth (which it never was).

To him it was that island in an ocean of political incredulity the otherwise lackluster opposition needed so badly for credibility in his title that acted as a guardian angel against retribution to his perfidious and trecherous incitement to division, religious and racial bigotry.

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He created a system designed to produced reactions and outcomes to accord with his elitism encouraged and supported by elements of the Malaysian Bar and the opposition that would accord with their collective elitism.

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