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I did so, and i told my friends i had a headache and had to leave, i followed her to her house, she invited me in, i sat on the settee and the clock said 9.40pm.She told me to wait for her to go freshen up, i saw this as a chance to steal some deoderant i found in a small Avon box by the TV and used the deoderant.. She called me 5 minutes later to help her upstairs.I opened my eyes, to see her father tower over my, he had driven a knife into my nob, and cut it clean off, i was screaming witht he pain.I could not understand his incoherant screeming as he was punching my head, he had then picked me up, and thown me out the window, naked. 10 minutes later, i was wisked away to hospital, still in pain.hirevi: hirevi: have you got mic willpostforfood: nope willpostforfood: so, you wanna cyber? NGmetalix: I said fuck me NGmetalix: right now NGmetalix: i'm hot NGmetalix: i'm 180cm and 40kg NGmetalix: i'm blonde NGmetalix: now fuck me, k?

She moaned as i stuck it in her, and she moaned all the way until i finished. I then walk feeling horrible pain bellow my waist, i felt sick and cryed with agony as i rose.It was 4am, as far as i could tell, i staggered off, and attempted to find some clothes, as i entered one garden, the security light went off, and a man of medium height came out, "Holy shit! I could hear the paramedics telling me all would be okay. We arrived at the large gloomy hospital, and the pain went numb, i entered a part of the hospital, and fainted instantly. He stared at me for a few seconds and muttered the words with a smile, "... hirevi: an underwear and t-shirt on tup willpostforfood: nice hirevi: may i ask you question willpostforfood: sure hirevi: have you got boyfriend willpostforfood: no hirevi: for how long willpostforfood: its been a few weeks hirevi: have you got any relationship diuryg this priod willpostforfood: no hirevi: and it has been a few weeks willpostforfood: 2 actually hirevi: you have not any sex relationship willpostforfood: stop with the questions :[ willpostforfood: to many to many hirevi: ok then hirevi: do what ask me questions willpostforfood: do you have girlfriend?hirevi: no hirevi: it has been 6 months willpostforfood: what do you look like?

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