Two muslim dating interracial relationship dating service in utah

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Two muslim dating

Two weeks before this incident, Troy Hunt, maintainer of the Have I Been Pwned?Service, told Motherboard that he received data stolen from the Muslim service, another online dating portal for to see if their account details are included in the leaks., El Surveillance shared links to data dumps from services he recently attacked, breached, and whose data he leaked.None of the data from these two sites appears to be traded on the Dark Web at the moment of writing the article.Affected users can use the Leaked Source and Have I Been Pwned?

The passwords included in this data dump were not in cleartext format, but Muslim Match used MD5 to hash their content, an algorithm that can easily be broken.Or you might think that having a ‘halal boyfriend’ is no problem. And one of the things He has made unlawful is relations before marriage. There’s many reasons that Muslim girls feel pressured to start dating. If you’re still in school and marriage seems a long way away, it might be hard to wait for an imaginary someone, especially if you have a very real boy in your present. You might engage in a relationship and claim that you will marry this boy, and call him your ‘halal boyfriend’ since you set up very strict parameters about what you can and cannot do. But you have no guarantee that this boy will end up your husband nor do you know what God has planned for you. The latest incident took place on July 10, 2016, when, according to Leaked Source, a hacker breached, an online dating portal for Muslims.Leaked Source claims to have obtained a copy of the stolen data and says that the hacker managed to take 2,035,020 user records that included details such as the user's email address and cleartext account password.

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